Who are French Bulldogs? Behavior and breed characteristics

Who are French Bulldogs? Behavior and breed characteristics

The French Bulldog breed is the second most popular bulldog breed in the world after the English Bulldog. In addition to these two, it turned out to be another species once upon a time - the Spanish bulldog. But now this breed has disappeared from the face of the earth, and now the British and the French rule the world.
History of the breed
The ancestor of the French is believed to be an English bulldog with a fighting character. In contrast, the French, who were also bred in England, moved away from fighting and became the favorite breed of British tailors who traditionally used them to catch mice. However, soon the highest circles of the French nobility became interested in this breed, giving the bulldog a French name and promoting it to an elite breed category.

It is said that in nineteenth century America, a French Bulldog puppy could cost anywhere from $ 250 to $ 750! And that's the cost of a car in those days, by the way. At the beginning of the twentieth century in Russia, the French Bulldog was considered the most fashionable and prestigious breed. Fyodor Chaliapin, Vladimir Mayakovsky, S. Sklifosovskaya became famous owners of the bulldozers.

Animal character
This breed is suitable for balanced people with a strong willed character. Otherwise, your bulldog will be crushed by authority, having the posts of a leader by nature. Pets live well in city apartments, provided they walk intensely and sufficiently.

Confident and affectionate, sociable and sociable, the French bulldog will never show aggression towards children but will resolutely endure his jokes. He has a friendly and cheerful character, is affectionate and very loyal to his master. Quiet by nature, it barks only on rare occasions. It feels best with a phlegmatic and confident owner, is easily trained.

Appearance of the breed
Translated from English, the service type means "bull dog" and is distinguished by a blunt muzzle (shaped not in content), a flattened nose, strong short legs. It is a medium sized dog with a very thick, strong mouth and neck. The head of the French Bulldog is straight, triangular in shape, with a square head and uncut ears. Eyes protruding, apart, often black.

An extremely domesticated dog. He needs some space in the apartment to feel comfortable. No enclosure content! Remember the French Bulldog's outstanding origins. Content highlights:

feed. These are dogs that eat less. You need to feed the French 1-2 times a day, the puppies are given 4-5 meals. He is not picky about food.

bathroom. In emergency situations, it is not necessary to wash puppies and adults - as they get dirty. The French's coat is smooth and short, so you can brush it occasionally.
ear care. We pay special attention to the Bulldog's ears. Their structure contributes to the frequent entry of dirt and the generation of large amounts of sulfur. For cleansing, you need to use a special lotion, purchased from a veterinary pharmacy or an online pet store.

Dog diseases
The French Bulldog often has problems with the joints, cardiovascular system, and vision. They do not tolerate heat well. The Bulldog regularly takes intense walks in the fresh air to strengthen the heart muscle and load the rest of the muscles properly. It is prone to food allergies as it is not very picky about food. Although its omnivority can be attributed to the advantages of this breed.

The owner's task is to ensure that the dog does not overeat, as even a small but stable overfeeding will lead to a rapid excess weight gain. When bathing your dog, it's important to keep water out of the ears. If the water still overflows and remains in the ears of the bulldog, there is a possibility of inflammation of the inner ear - an inflammation of the middle ear. Therefore, carefully wipe the ears after bathing.