Fun Facts About Pugs!

Fun Facts About Pugs!

1. This is an ancient species.
Many people believe that the species originated in China and existed for 400 years BC. and this species was called "Lo-Tse" at that time. Buddhist monks kept dogs as pets in Tibetan monasteries.

2. They were treated like a king.
The Chinese emperors hid the pugs and treated them with all the luxury of royal life. Sometimes spoiled dogs were given their own mini-palaces and guards.

3. The Pug is the official orange house breed.
According to Dutch legend, Spanish assassins hid outside while the prince was sleeping at night. Fortunately, William the pug was there and he barked wildly and jumped in his master's face. The prince awoke and caught his future assassins. Therefore, the pug was considered the official dog of the orange house.

4. Tail
A purebred pug has two curls on his tail.

5. The genus is named after the monkey.
Marmoset monkeys were kept as pets in the early 18th century and were called pugs. This was also the name of the dog breed because the facial features of the animals are similar.

6. A secret organization named after a dog.
Around 1740, secret sibling groups called the Pug Order were formed. They chose the Pug as a symbol because the dogs were loyal and trustworthy. In such an organization there were two big pugs, a girl and a boy. When new people joined the group, everyone had to kiss the pugs, thus proving their loyalty.

7. Pug Josephine.
Napoleon's wife, Josephine, had a pet named Fortuna, whom he loved so much, that he allowed the dog to sleep anywhere except the bed. It is rumored that his dog bit him when Napoleon first went to bed with his new wife.

8. Pugs are great friends.
Pugs are excellent pets due to their adaptable personalities. Whether you like to sit at home or outside, this breed will enjoy life anywhere as long as you are around.