About a Dog's Loyalty to Man

About a Dog's Loyalty to Man

Dogs have an incredible ability to unconditional love towards a person and are ready for absolute, boundless devotion to their owners. Why do these animals have such feelings? What is dog loyalty?

This is a pronounced flock reflex. At the reflex level, the dog wants to be part of a family, group or herd that he can serve and take care of. This is the basic principle in dogs - the way to exist. A sense of belonging to the herd and closeness to its members is very important for these animals. The dog is probably one of the loyal beings in the world. He would die for no reason for his master. This loyal friend has a strong instinctive sense of the boundaries of his territory, and even if he wags his tail, he tries to bark a little at passers-by, just to feel useful to his family.

It's also understandable why dog ​​loyalty is so important to humans. People unusually praise this feeling of their pets. Because people themselves do not always show commitment to each other and their duties. Almost everyone faces betrayal and misunderstanding of their loved ones.

This is evidenced by many expressions that have already become popular phrases:
"The more I see of men, the more I admire dogs." - Madame De Sevignè
"Dogs have one drawback - they trust people" - Elian J. Finbert;
"If only humans could love like dogs, the world would be paradise." - James Douglas

Dog loyalty is a frequently seen article topic on our website. After all, the lives of sick people depend entirely on them. And it is a fact that the unconditional love for their masters can be seen very clearly in guide dogs.

Our site hopes every dog owner remembers - dog loyalty is the greatest natural gift and the pack leader places an enormous obligation on the owner. Loyalty cannot be met with treason.

We wish you good days with your dog.