Yorkshire Terrier: Pros and Cons of the Breed

Yorkshire Terrier: Pros and Cons of the Breed

The enviable dream of many decorative dog fans is the unique Yorkshire Terrier.

If you want to make a new friend and choose responsibly - read on. Below I will list the pros and cons of the Yorkshire Terrier breed.

Yorkshire terrier - harmless dog or rebellious bully?
It is rather difficult to interpret the character traits of the breed, so many factors depend on the living conditions, upbringing and temperament of the owner. Additionally, York's pros and cons can be viewed in two ways. For example, small sizes will be a minus for lovers of service dogs and an undoubted plus for a fan of miniature four-legged dogs. When considering the positive and negative aspects of the breed, it is necessary to take into account not only the character, but also the needs of the future pet ….

Pros of the breed

  • Miniature size allowing you to have a pet in a house with any shot. Many business owners appreciate Terriers for the opportunity to take their pets with them everywhere.
  • Hypoallergenic - The Yorkshire Terrier has no undercoat and its guard hair is very similar to that of a human. If you are allergic and decide to buy a Yorkie, you only need to control what exactly your body reacts to, due to hypoallergenicity. If your dog is allergic to skin secretions, this breed will not work for you. If in doubt, ask the breeder for a visit, spend a few hours with the dogs and the situation will improve.
  • Friendship and devotion - a bold and loving heart beats in a Yorkie's tiny body. The pet is so devoted to its owner that it suffers physically during separation or due to lack of attention. Unlike most decorative dogs, Terrier is very fond of children provided the child reaches a conscious age and does not disturb the dog. The breed displays a tolerant attitude towards cats or other dogs living in the home. Since the Yorkshire Terrier was bred to kill mice, it is worth avoiding getting rodents.
  • Beauty and popularity are often the strongest arguments in favor of the breed. Long, silky hair, funny beards, eyebrows and sideburns that fall to the ground will not be noticed by others. Desire is in the hands that have been maintained by the breed for centuries. Fashion for small dogs originated in the dawn of the aristocratic world and has survived to this day.
  • A positive attitude towards dressing is the best way to emphasize the individual character of the pet and its owner.
  • Mind - Terrier is not only smart but also understanding. Quadrupeds can assess the situation and make independent decisions. The "independence clause" does not apply to spoiled dogs who grow into little children chasing after their owners. Teach a Yorkie to be responsible for childhood, believe me, this trait of character will turn out to be a positive outcome many times.
  • Trainability - Unfortunately, many miniature dogs are not bred by their owners in the hope that the pet will be cultured by nature. Yorkshire Terrier is active, cunning and brave, and training is key to his safety. Without mastering the "me" command, the dog can disappear by ignoring the call "Fu" - to get into the teeth of a larger and stronger congener. There's a terrible lion hiding inside this little dog, believe me). When I saw my Yorkie an alabai (big dog) attack him. Thank God, Alabai was in a cage and had no time to react.
  • Tray training is a big plus for working owners and people with disabilities. Usually the breeder trains the puppy to meet the need for a moisture-wicking diaper before selling it, and this skill needs to be reinforced in the new home.

  • An independent disposition towards a person's full addiction past - a properly bred Yorkie knows how to keep himself busy while his master is at work. The slightest inattention in training will lead to the dog's howl and severe stress in his absence. If you're ready to leave for a minute, you can pamper your puppy with unlimited attention and the satisfaction of all whims. Despite its self-sufficiency and dignity, the Yorkshire Terrier can barely survive a day if lost. Address tag, subcutaneous chip and stamp are tools that make it easier to call the service and return to the family.
  • Expensive grooming - The terrier does not shed and his protective hair grows constantly, so the dog needs a regular haircut. During the warmer months, a hairless pet will quickly overheat. Unprotected ears are a direct route to otitis media. Washing too often causes skin problems. When purchasing a Yorkshire Terrier, be prepared to visit the nursing parlor every 1–1.5 months. Mandatory daily grooming includes combing the hair and cleansing the beard after feeding. Additionally, the dog's eyes, ears, and paws require careful observation. At the same time, your dog needs a regular "manicure". Never try to cut your nails if you are inexperienced.
  • Strict Diet - Feeding the Yorkshire Terrier is a complex science that requires the owner's attention and constant supervision. The esophagus of terriers is shorter than the generally accepted norm, and this obliges the owner to choose the diet carefully. Experienced breeders recommend feeding pets with high-quality dry food or diet under the supervision of a specialist. So if you like to use dogs instead of vacuum cleaners, this breed will not work for you! :)
  • First of all, it needs accessories for clothes. The breed lacks an undercoat, which means freezing temperatures and wetting are a direct threat to health. Imagine that you forgot to wear a hat in winter or take an umbrella and get caught in the rain, the threat of a cold is almost equal. For full-fledged grooming, the dog should have a waterproof suit and warm semi-seasonal blanket. Terriers are taught to use shoes if necessary.